My Weekend With The Boys

This past weekend Sister Belle brought over my adorable little nephews for some quality time with NeeNee. (That's me.) My dad was out of town on his Annual Springtime Golf Odyssey leaving Mama Belle and I to entertain The Boys. Thankfully there were a surprising number of things to do in our usually uneventful little 'ville.

Friday night we took them to their very first musical. This awesome production of that TV staple from my childhood SCHOOLHOUSE ROCK LIVE! JUNIOR (yes, I'm that old) had them entranced from lights down to the final curtain call. Just look at these little faces...

Since I love the theater so much, I can't tell you how happy I am that they enjoyed the show! We sat on the very front row and they got to see all the action. At one point the youngest even got up to dance, copying the choreography they were performing on stage.

You never know what you're going to get with high school shows. Generally, even the shows lacking in ability make up for it in enthusiasm. This show was really fantastic because the kids were both talented and genuinely happy to be on stage. They looked like they were having fun and they did a fantastic job. Here are just a few of my favorite moments...

{My all time favorite "I'm Just A Bill".}

{ "Elbow Room" They got the shortest person
in the cast to play Napoleon. Genius!)

("Conjunction Junction")

{One of my best friends, who was the director and conductor,
doing his thing.}

The next day was bright and cool and perfect for The Cotton District Arts Festival. We got up early so that we could catch The Pet Parade. Sadly, it started an hour late and we missed it because The Boys were thirsty and we went in search of something to drink. We did get to see lots of puppies on their way to join the march.

{The Boys and Mama Belle with a Labradoodle...}

{...and a dachshund...}

{...and a very happy Labrador puppy.}

We even got to march in the Scottish Pipe and Drum Parade!
{Ahhh, brotherly love...}

{Me and Santa, who is dressed in his Scottish kilt.}

It was a good weekend.

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  1. What handsome little guys! I love the second photo.


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