A Series of Unfortunate Events

Sorry to have been MIA for so long, but Murphy's Law was the new rule around here in the days leading up to the wedding. It all started three weeks ago when I received a phone call from the stylist I had booked to do my hair... “Miss Belle," she said, "I see here that you have an appointment for a hair trial this Saturday for your wedding in two weeks. Well, we got to talking about it and we just realized that we’ll all be on vacation that weekend and that the salon will be closed.” Excuse me? What?! You JUST realized that you won’t be open that weekend, despite the fact that I booked this appointment over a month ago? After a five minute freak out, I called and booked a salon that was recommended to me by the original but now closed salon. The downside was she could only fit me in for a hair trial 2 days before the wedding. All was quiet on the wedding front for a few days. I went down to Natchez a week and a half before the wedding to do last minute vendor checks. I stopped by the florist to make sure that things were on track and to see if she (finally) had our final estimate prepared. It was Mother’s Day, so she was super busy, but she said that she would get that estimate to me first thing on Monday. I asked her if she thought that we would be on budget and she all but assured me we would fine. Monday came and went and there was no final estimate. Tuesday. Wednesday. I was getting nervous so I started calling. A lot. She was either out on a delivery or just plain out. Eventually my parents got in on the calling and between four different phones we finally managed to speak with her. She faxed the estimate to us and Mama Belle and I nearly fell on the floor. It was over double the number we had discussed. And that was just for personal flowers - never mind the flowers and containers for the centerpieces that we were ordering through her, but I had designed and we were putting together ourselves. It took a few panicked filled days of some fast rethinking and reworking, but in the end we trimmed the budget to a far more acceptable number. Then came the random things that were worrisome and time consuming but easily solvable. My little snuggle puppy, who thinks he is a German Shepard but is, in reality, a Miniature Schnauzer, picked a fight with an actual big dog. He lost and was wounded in the battle. The result was a serious infection and a trip to the doggie hospital. Shortly there after, Mama Belle's car decided to die. It became clear after numerous trips to the auto shop that we were going to have to rent a car for the wedding trip down to Natchez. And that's just the days BEFORE the wedding. Just wait until I tell you about the day of...


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