Yesterday The Boy worked from home. That meant The Babe and I absolutely had to vacate the house because when Daddy works from home, all The Babe wants to do is distract him with cuteness. He's pretty shameless about it, too, and insistent. (I WILL NOT BE IGNORED, DAD!) So after breakfast we packed up Big Red and went for a long walk to our new favorite park. It's a charming little place on a peninsula that juts out into the fjord. It has a small playground, a birdhouse and lots of room to run around. On our first visit we discovered the Big Boy slide, which is a little too big for him but he tackled it bravely anyway before deciding he'd been there and done that. Next was the rope climbing web. Again, it's a little out of his age range, but he enjoyed standing and bouncing on the bottom rung. It got old pretty quickly. But running up and down The Big Hill, that never gets old. 

As we were practicing running up and down the hill a la Little House on the Prairie  these guys flew in and landed a few feet away. 

 They kinda blend. 

Of course The Babe, being a great lover of ducks, was very excited by this development. It was on. He had the best time chasing these guys around.  

And seeing as these guys never flew off and even let him get tantalizing close,
 I think that the ducks had a pretty good time, too. 

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