Five on Friday

Beijing, July 2006

Man, it's been a long two weeks. We're hoping to have another exciting Ikea adventure  this weekend. It will be the first time heading up there sans car, which means we'll be taking the train and then the bus. High adventure, indeed. At least The Babe will be happy. 

Here's your five on Friday:

Wanna see a very cool video by one of my favorite groups? OK Go!

Creating your own poem is very cathartic. 

Speaking of Ikea, this store is genius!

In honor of cherry blossom season.

Yesterday The Boy and I celebrated 5 years of legally wedded bliss! 

Thanks for reading this week!
Have a happy weekend!

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  1. The store that sells covers for ikea furniture looks amazing! I haven't had much luck finding a rocking chair that I like and can afford in Denmark but there's always the ikea option--except that the poang rocker only comes in red, blue, black and white and 1 pattern...I guess if worse comes to worse, I will buy the rocking chair and a new cover!


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